Cheryl Cole ‘Fight for this love’ *Jukebox Remix*


Cheryl Cole - 'Fight for this love' *Jukebox Remix*

Jukebox Remix

Cheryl Cole ‘Fight for this love’ *Jukebox Remix*

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Jukebox being featured on

Jukebox's mixtape track 'Ryder' being posted on HHC blog

Jukebox's mixtape track 'Ryder' being posted on HHC blog

What’s good people! Been away from my blog but now, I’m Bacckk! Ha! Chuuch, to the people who come thru and check the blog out! Might have it looking different soon so, keep your eyes open!

Shout outs to Sumit of for given me my first blog post, chuuch. So, check it out! Click on the pic and it’ll take to



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*Leak* Jukebox – Got Some FuFu (Rough Edit) – Download Link from upcoming EP Promo Mixtape – J2S (Just 2 Sweet) Vol 1 *Leak*

Jukebox - Got Some FuFu

Jukebox - Got Some FuFu

Download : *Leak* Jukebox – Got Some FuFu (Rough Edit) *Leak*

New Music from Jukebox on the way folks!



New Beats, EP Promo Mixtape on the way, Working on new mixtape and Album – Untitled – ‘Jukebox Music!’

Stay Locked – ‘Chat to your Mate!’

Try-Stevens (UK & Sierra Leone Artist) Heaven – Video

Try Stevens - "All I can do is try!"

Try Stevens - "All I can do is try!"

Check out Try-Stevens latest video Heaven taken from his forth coming album “Second History”.

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Brownsuga: The Charity Bash – UK URBAN FASHION SHOW! PREMIER of ‘My Boyfriend’s T-Shirt’.



People come thru and support, the charity, my girl premieing her new fashion line ‘My Boyfriends T-Shirts anddd…..Come support ‘your mate’ Jukebox who’s providing the beats for the fashion show! chuuch, deuces – see you there!

New Music From The House of Jukebox – coming soon!

All thumbs up!

All thumbs up!

New Music, beats and remix’s on the way from ‘your mate’ lol, J.U.K.E.-B.O.X!